Arami 24K

$25.00 - Coming soon

Image of Arami 24K Image of Arami 24K

Arami, the Yoruba word for my body.

Our Arami 24K body luminizer, is enriched with shea and coconut oils, leaving the skin feeling supple and velvety. Warm notes of Tahitian vanilla with delicate touches of shimmer makes it a jewel of seduction for the body.

It is natural for Arami 24K to solidify when cool, which might appear as separation. Place in the sun or under warm water to liquefy, shake well and use.

Jojoba oil, sweet almond, mica, fragrance.

DISCLAIMER: Allow Arami 24K to soak into your skin and give it a few minutes to dry before putting your clothes on, especially for light clothing. Once dried, color transfer shouldn't be an issue.